X3F Tool is a small and simple application for
analysing and processing X3F 'RAW' files from
Sigma cameras using the Foveon sensor.

Current version: 0.8.6

Built: 2010/03/01 21:48

• All versions have the exact same features. The only difference is in the "look and feel".
• You will need Java 6 installed for any download to work.
• This comes as standard on Mac OS 10.6 and with recent versions of 10.5, though you may need to change the preferences.
• Java 6 will be installed on most Windows systems by default.
• You can download Java 6 for Windows, Linux and Solaris at java.com

Help and documentation

Configuring Java and installing X3F Tool
Explaining the main features

Image processing To Do list

• Add brightness slider for RAW conversion options.
• Implement some basic denoising.
• Develop next-generation profiling algorithms.
• Profile common white-balances.
• Allow custom creation / editing of white-balance.
• Advanced denoising.

General To Do list

• Support recovering damaged X3F files for common case.
• Finish off file sorting / filtering option in File List tab.
• Complete lens database.
• Add font list to Preferences / Options.
• Include recent files / directories in File menu.
• Put more of the features in other menus not just the tabs.
• Test on Linux and Solaris.
• Make "helper" more complete.
• Support importing / updating of X3F files - converting 16-bit PNG to RAW data, updating Preview / Thumbnail, copying / restoring CAMF block.